I am a nude model!

I had been working for London escorts for about three years when I got an offer to be a nude model. Prior to joining London escorts i used to do a bit of nude modelling and did rather well at it. Yes, I did enjoy it as well but at the time I was not making a lot of money for it. In the end I gave up and started to work for London escorts full time. However, a couple of months ago, I was attracted into the business with a better offer and agreed to do some modeling part for a company.

t was working really good when my uncle spotted me in an adult magazine. He was a bit surprised to say the least, and got in touch my email. Before I joined London escorts I used to live rather close to my uncle and I always thought he was a bit of a creepy guy. At the time he said that he fancied me, and now he seemed to be even keener to have a more personal relationship with me. It totally freaked me out, and that day I was rather anxious when I went into London escorts.

I told me friends at London escorts and they told me to be careful. A few days later my uncle contacted me again, and said that unless I went out with him, he would tell my family. To me and my friends at London escorts, it sounded very much like blackmail and I had to tell my boss. My boss who can be kind of tough, phoned my uncle and told him that he would not be doing himself any favors by telling me family. As a matter of fact, I would in that case tell my family about the things that he had said to me.

Now, my uncle does not know that I work for London escorts, and I suspect that might be a good thing. My boss at the best London escort service that I work for, just said that he was my boyfriend, so there is no way he suspects anything. I keep wondering how many other creeps like my uncle there are out there and at the same time, I am worried about my uncle. I don’t think that he would do anything as I would in that case most certainly kiss and tell.

it is hard to believe that he is so different from my father. My father has always supported me, but I am not so sure if he would approve of London escorts. The fact is that he is a very moral person and I am not sure he or my mom would appreciate my nude modeling career. I am not going stop modeling as I am doing well, nor am I going to give up London escorts. The best thing to do is to stay away from my uncle and just get on with my life. I hate creepy guys and I am glad that all of my dates are nice.

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