Nude Modelling 101

pic_Modelling_640505_largeNude models pose without clothes; they however have a say on the number and type of poses they take. They can also determine the time to take for breaks during poses. The duration of the pose may last up-to an average of three hours. Nude models may pose for a painter, sculptor or for a photographer.

Before engaging in an actual performance, the models prepare for it. There are normally four poses expected during these sessions and include: standing, reclining, sitting and prone. If the model will be standing, he needs to know how he will place his arms, hands, feet and legs. A given facial expression is also required and there may be use of props.

During recline, the model lies on his back. The prone posture requires him to lie on your stomach and raise his chest, as if reading. The movements and gestures are dependent on the desired output. The model needs to be very expressive with each posture. Each pose will take some time which could be short or long. Gestures require posing for a few minutes. Short poses may last up to 20 minutes whereas long poses mainly suit sculpture and painting sessions. They extend for hours.

The models need to pack what they require during the session. One important piece of clothing is a robe. This is essential for use in the bathroom or during breaks. The model also needs a towel and something to sit on. Additionally, he needs sandals, slippers, water and snacks. In addition, the models clean their body and remove jewelry before the session. The poses oblige a natural look. Nude models should be adult who consent to participate in this form of art.

The sessions begin with the nude model meeting the artist and agreeing on how to proceed. The model then removes his clothes. A changing area is normally provided. The mode then changes into his robe and enters the modelling zone. He places the robe aside during the session.

The model uses his cloth for sitting or lying down. He also follows the artist’s instructions while keeping still. He is required to relax and time his session. Alternatively, he can wait for the artist to declare that he has finished. The artist provides clarity for the instructions when they are not clear.

The nude model should agree to poses that he can maintain for the required duration. Privacy is important when taking up these modelling roles, and the host should restrict personal phones and devices from use during the photo-shoot. Also, the model should know exactly what the expectations of the artist are before engaging them.

The model should tread carefully while attending private sessions and avoid situations that may present cases of sexual harassment.

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