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My plus size London escorts colleagues say that it can be very difficult to live as a plus size woman in the UK today. The fact is that larger clothes, and lingerie, are not made to look that attractive according to my plus size London escorts colleagues. They say that a lot of the lingerie found on the high street for larger ladies, looks shockingly bad. I had a quick look when I was in a store recently, and the lingerie isn’t actually flattering. A lot of the plus size lingerie lack all of the frilly bits, and pretty things that can make it look attractive.Plus size lingerie is not that easy to get hold of, says Suzi from London escorts. My sister has a thyroid problem which is not that easy to control, and she is always looking for plus size lingerie. It has shocked me, but there are not a lot of places on the high street that sell plus size lingerie, says Suzi. In the end, I asked a couple of the plus size London escorts where they get their lingerie, and most of the girls shop online. There are quite a few good stores that sell plus size lingerie online, and it looks good.Having my sister with a thyroid problem and plus size friends here are London escorts, has certainly opened my eyes. I now finally appreciate that a lot of plus size people in this world are discriminated against. Elaine, one of the plus size London escorts, says that some people are just naturally big. She says that her entire family is big and all her relatives are as well. It must be genetic, she says, and I admire her, she does not worry about it. Elaine loves her body exactly the way it is, I think that is great and I wish I had her body confidence.

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I did help my sister to check out some of the online stores recommended by my girlfriends here at London escorts. The lingerie on these sites was really attractive and I can understand why the girls shop there. There was a lot of choice and it came in many different colors as well. All of the sites specialized in plus size lingerie so there were not regular sizes for myself and my other colleagues here at London escorts. It was a shame because they must have had a good designer.Plus size London escorts are just as busy as other escorts. Many of my plus size colleagues here at London escorts have full dating diaries. Gents love them because they are very feminine and great fun to be with on a date. They all like going out and have larger than life characters. All of them are super confident and that really shines through. I love going out together with on nights out, and we have a lot of fun together. When we are out, more men actually look at them, than they look at me. There is a lesson there somewhere.

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